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Color Inspiration 2018

The 2018 Color Inspiration Collection incorporate global megatrends and insight in color research to develop palettes capturing the current zeitgeist for creative decision makers. 
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Colorsperse – Cosmetic Color Perfection

ColorsperseTM technologies provide a new level of efficiency in color creation for cosmetic formulators. Developing rich, custom color dispersions is what ColorsperseTM does every time.
Created by GSDI, the world’s leading specialist in silicone pigment dispersions, ColorsperseTM technologies answer the call from the cosmetics industry to produce consistent, high quality colors quickly.

The ColorsperseTM way

  • Reduces time and cost by eliminating pigment grinding in a cleaner work environment
  • Typically ships custom colors within two business days
  • Reduces product waste with increased consistency

ColorsperseTM color dispersions increase efficiency from lab to full-scale cosmetic production.