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Advanced Pigment Dispersions for Cosmetics

ColorsperseTM pigment dispersions for cosmetics allows cosmetic developers to achieve a consistent final product in a fraction of the time compared to conventional processing

The extensive grinding, wetting out, milling, particle separation, and testing phases are minimized with the ColorsperseTM color process – a process that previously could take several weeks of production time.

Our products are cosmetic-grade pigment dispersions pre-ground into a non-volatile dimethicone system, eliminating the need for preparation phases.

ColorsperseTM cosmetic pigment dispersions deliver value by:

  • Improving the cosmetic production process
  • Providing substantial benefits to you and your customers
  • Significantly improving delivery lead times


Color Inspiration 2018

The 2018 Color Inspiration Collection incorporate global megatrends and insight in color research to develop palettes capturing the current zeitgeist for creative decision makers. 
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Colorsperse Benefits

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